We’ve created a community larder for the Teign Valley. This is a place where people can donate food, and those in need of food can come to collect essential items.

We like to help reduce food waste, so anyone can take our ‘out of date’ items (at their own risk) and surplus fresh produce. But we especially hope the larder will help people who are struggling at the moment by providing them with a few long-life, basic provisions.


How It Works

  1. “Oh sugar. I’m out of sugar!” Or pasta or whatever. You may just have forgotten to pick it up, or it may be hard to afford currently.

  2. Check our Facebook page. This is optional. But we’ll be posting regular photos of what’s available.

  3. Visit one of our larder locations. The main larder is at the Christow Church entryway to start, but it may be moved as we settle on a more permanent location. There are ‘mini-larder’ boxes at Bridford church, Dunsford church, Ashton Village Hall and the bus stop in Doddiscombsleigh.

  4. You can donate, swap and replace as well. If you don’t happen to have anything, that’s perfectly fine. We want to help everyone. But if you can contribute or replace borrowed items, it’s most welcome.


Larder Locations

Our main larder is inside Christow Church. There's also a mini-larder box in Christow church porch for when the church is locked at night.


We have mini-larder boxes in Bridford church porch, Dunsford church porch, Ashton village hall and the the bus shelter, Doddi.

Click here for more info


Donating Food

We welcome your donations of long life food. There's a list of things we currently need at the end of this page.

If it’s a few things: Just leave them in the donations box in Christow Church porch or at one of the other larder locations.

If it’s a largish amount of food and veg: Lovely! We don’t necessarily want to pile up too much in the church. Please drop it off at Barn End, opposite the bottom of Church Lane on Village Road, Christow. IIf no-one is in you can leave it in the lower (covered) porch. Google map

If it’s just a few tinned items and dried goods: Click here for locations hosting collection boxes for dried and tinned goods for our community food larder and Out of Date box. We are unable to accept donations of frozen or refrigerated goods. Fresh items are limited to bread, eggs and vegetables.


Out of Date Box &

Fresh Produce

We have an ‘OOD’ box in Christow church porch. This is for food which has a long shelf life – tins, jars, packets of biscuits, rice, tea etc – and which is very near or over its ‘best before date’ but is still perfectly good to eat. We welcome such items in order to reduce the amount of food going to waste. Anyone can place items in or take items from the OOD box but do so entirely at their own discretion and risk.


Surplus fresh garden produce and baked goods in closed bags are also welcome, but nothing that requires refrigeration please. If you put fresh items in the larder please take a photo and post it to the Larder Facebook page 
so people know its there and can collect it while still fresh. If you take fruit or veg wash it thoroughly before use.



We rely on our fantastic team of volunteers to do a daily check-in, clean and re-stock every evening (Christow) or week (other locations). Post on our Facebook page or contact us using the form below to join our volunteers.


Donate Cash

We are 100% volunteer organised, so all cash you donate goes straight to providing food to people. We love food donations, but cash donations are actually more helpful! Here’s why:

  1. More of what people need: We get a lot of the same things donated over and over (beans!), while other things are almost never donated (toiletries). By donating money, you give us the ability to get things that are most desperately needed in our community.

  2. More food: We can buy in volume at better prices.

  3. More flexibility: Having cash on hand allows us to survive lean times when food donations dry up. Cash is also much, much easier to store in our very limited space than 137 cans of beans!


You can donate money today by:

  • Writing a cheque payable to Teign Valley Larder for delivery to TV Larder, Barn End, Village Road, Christow, EX6 7LY

  • Putting cash into one of the Teign Valley Larder collection pots in local shops, pubs and businesses.

You can also make one-off and repeat donations from your bank account or through Paypal:

Make a BACS payment or set up a standing order to:

Unity Trust Bank
Account name: Teign Valley Larder
Number: 20428730
Sort code: 60-83-01

Please consider setting up a standing order for a regular monthly donation, however small. Just £5 or £10 a month makes a big difference.


Food items needed!

  We are currently short of:

  • Tuna and other tinned fish

  • Meat pies, tinned ham, curry, stew etc

  • Tea bags and instant coffee

  • UHT milk

  • Rice (normal and micro-rice)

We have plenty of:

  • Pasta

  • Tinned Soup

  • Baked Beans - we have loads. Please don't give us anymore beans!


Please no:

  • Alcohol

  • Medicines

  • Chemical cleaning products

Thank you!


Call - 07771 923799
Email -


Join our Facebook group to message us

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Funding through individual donors, volunteers, the Dartmoor National Park Authority, Christow Community Land Trust, Devon Communities Fund.