Hard Times or A Christmas Carol?

Everyone in the Teign family will have been affected by the recent increased pressures on household budgets. Even if you’re relatively well-off, filling up the car’s fuel tank comes as a bit of a shock these days.

Electricity and gas prices have also risen, which have then worked their way to the supermarket shelves as haulage costs creep up (not helped by the HGV driver shortage). The rise in the national minimum wage, coming into effect in April 2022, is welcome, but wages, in general, will be slow to keep up with inflationary pressures, and households will need to make difficult choices, especially if their income includes the Universal Credit, which was recently cut. We know that saving enough cash for food can be hard, and now it’s even harder for some. Unfortunately, we are seeing this reflected in the Teign Valley Larder use. Specifically, we recorded a 24% increase in items taken between September and October this year.

It is worth reiterating that if you need to use the larder, you must. If you think that maybe the shelves are looking bare, and you are concerned about denying someone else food, don’t worry. We restock the main Christow larder nearly every day, and the boxes in the satellite locations are also refreshed regularly. Thanks to the awesome planning and commitment by a handful of organisers and some wonderful volunteers, we have an excellent supply chain in place, and we endeavour to quickly replace what people take.

If you make charitable donations in the run up to Christmas, have you considered the Teign Valley Larder as a local option, to help make sure that everyone in the valley can enjoy some kind of Christmas celebration? While we eagerly accept food donations, and keep our list of in-demand items refreshed on our web page, financial contributions allow us to plan ahead and buy more efficiently. At this time of year, we’d love to buy in a few Christmas puddings, for example. A regular, monthly donation of just £5 would be brilliant if you can afford it. Please visit for the list of popular items and for details on how to contribute.

Finally, as we approach Christmas, we would like to say a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped make the Teign Valley Larder a success. Thanks to your amazing generosity, food is being put on tables when cupboards are bare. Your small gifts are making a big big difference.

Cheques to Teign Valley Larder (drop off or post to Barn End, Village Road, Christow, EX6 7LY).

Standing orders and one off BACS transfers: Account name: Teign Valley Larder. Account Number: 20428730; Sort code: 60-83-01




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