Welcome to the Teign Valley!

This site is here to help you to find out about Teign Valley activities, venues, services and more, whether you have just moved to the valley, are visiting or an established resident.


From the home page you will find quick links to (almost) everything you need to know about life in the Teign Valley. For example you will find a link to the different villages in the valley (usually their parish council websites) where you will be able to look up information about play parks, schools, village halls, allotments etc. At the foot of each page the Google map shows the location of each village; click the pin for links to directions and the relevant village page.


For TRANSPORT information please visit the Shops & Services page.

For SCHOOLS information please refer to the relevant Village website.​

BROADBAND & MOBILE PHONE SIGNAL: Various companies provide broadband in the valley via landline, although many residents are choosing to use Cloud Wireless these days, especially good if you are really in the sticks. It all comes down to where you are and we suggest you talk to your neighbours for advice. Mobile phone signal is very variable so don’t rely on it! Different providers cover different areas of the valley (for a rough idea: EE has a strong signal in Dunsford, Bridford is mostly covered by O2, then as you move through the valley signal shifts to Vodaphone then back to EE as you reach Christow and beyond, and of course there are other providers, but there are dead spots everywhere). Again, talk to your neighbours and remember you can always use wifi calling when at venues such as the local pubs (if your device/contract allows).

There are also sections for: 

Health Care and Community Support including GP surgeries and Acorn Community Support, and some tips on where to find dentists, hospitals and other health, wellbeing and complementary therapy services nearby.

Shops and Other Services including petrol stations and vehicle mechanics, vets, broadband and telecoms and a few other essentials. In time we hope to develop this into a more comprehensive trade directory.

Pubs and Food including cafes and tea shops, restaurants and some excellent mobile food vans. Many of our pubs do a takeaway service including pizza, curry, fish and chips, burgers and more.

Clubs, Activities and Sports reflecting a huge range of interests for all age groups; here you can find contact details if you want to join a group or activity.

Worship including information and links to the many beautiful churches in the valley and suggestions of where to find information for a range of Christian denominations and other faiths.

Community Magazines which are published monthly and are a ‘must have’ subscription for anyone living in the valley.


Teign Valley Larder, Teign Valley Community Hall and Christow Community Land Trust are three community organisations whose services and facilities you may want to use, or which you may want to get involved with as a volunteer. Their contact details are on their respective pages.teignvalleycontact@gmail.com


The What's On and News sections are a bit of an experiment as they will depend on people regularly sending us information to include. If you’ve got an event coming up in the valley, email teignvalleycontact@gmail.com with the details.


And finally – if you want to find out more about the geography and history of the area this photo essay by David Gearing includes a Teign Valley section.